Department of Value Education

The basic objective of the College is to impart human values through sound learning. The thrust areas of DBC during its 8 years of existence can be broadly classified into Academic Excellence, Spiritual Vitality and Social Concern. Building of society which is centered on ethics and human values that would guide all activities in an attempt to preserve the dignity of the individual and the well being of the entire human race is the primary object of the College. To achieve such a society it is necessary to develop younger generation who would be able to identify and practice the desired ethical, spiritual and human values that would enrich human life. In order to build such a younger generation, the College offers Value Education to its students. Value Education is one of the important aspects of the education process in the College. The genesis of this programme is traced back to moral instruction. Today the context of the Value Education comprises of different components such as Social Ethics, Christian Studies, Social Studies and Gender Studies.


  • To develop an understanding of values education strategies;
  • To consider the relation between values and personal behaviour affecting the achievement of sustainable futures;
  • To make students reflect on their futures, commitment and actions; and
  • To develop skills for using values clarification and values analysis in teaching.


  • Rev. Dr. A. Maria Soosai, SDB (Coordinator)
  • Rev. Fr. M. Maria Louis, SDB
  • Rev. Fr. P. Robert Ramesh Babu, SDB
  • Rev. Fr. S. Bharathi Bernadsha, SDB
  • Rev. Sr. A. Leema Grace
  • Rev. Fr. Madalaimuthu