Since 2007, sports activities were an integral part of the academic activities. The Club continues its winning streak for the past 8 years. This club has produced many outstanding players of repute for the country, state and for the University. The aim of the Club is to train different teams for the inter-collegiate tournaments. Normally the club takes part in all most all inter-collegiate tournaments in both men and women sections. Last many years, the club is sending teams of volleyball, football, hockey, table-tennis, badminton, ball badminton, chess, cricket and 500 meters, 1000 meters, 150 meters running, etc. The club wins two or more inter-collegiate tournaments every year and about eight to twelve.


Department of Physical Education aims to provide the sports activities for the personality development of students with the Motto: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”


  • To make aware of the importance or benefits of physical activities in day to day life.
  • To encourage the regular physical activities for a positive healthy life-style.
  • To develop moral values through sports and games.
  • To motivate the students for mass participation in sports/games.
  • To enable the students, change their attitudes towards life (positive thinking, healthy criticism etc.)
  • To promote co-operation between other organizations with similar objectives.


  • Department provides safety and quality equipments for the practice and competition.
  • To create interest among students in aerobic exercises and yoga classes may be conducted.
  • Department informs the dates of the different tournaments well in advance for the benefits of the students.
  • Department recognizes and encourages the outstanding sportsperson by presenting some incentives.
  • To motivate the students’ workshops and seminars may be organized.