Controller of Examinations


  • Planning and setting the first and second internal assessment examinations for each semester as per the University prescribed formula. The final score computed, considering the various components of the continuous assessment process, are submitted to the university.
  • Ensuring that the respective course lectures have completed on time the university prescribed syllabus and internal examinations are set according to the University directives.
  • Preparing exam schedules, assigning invigilators, collection of the examination question papers together with the answer keys, printing of question papers without mistakes and keeping under safe custody to avoid leakage and finally, the smooth administration of examinations.
  • Preparing a college-level schedule showing course information, number of students, reserved exam halls, and names of invigilators assigned to each exam.
  • Activities of committee members during the final exam period shall include: checking room suitability (cleanliness, bench and table, water, etc.) for all exams.
  • Ensuring that all examination policies, rules and regulations governing the administration of all exams, that were developed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University, are implemented and observed to the fullest.

Committee Members

S.No Members
     1. Rev.Dr.A.Siluvaimuthu SDB, Principal
     2. Rev. Fr. P. Robert Ramesh Babu, SDB, Vice-Principal
     3. Mr. C.George Arockiaraj (Coordinator)
     4. Dr.K. Anand
     5. Mr.S.Deepak Kulandai Rayan
6. Mr. S.Sathishkumar
7. Mr. K.Sakthivel
8. Mr. K.Karthick
9. Mr. T.Ravikumar
10. Mr. R.Sakthivel
11. Mr.C.Arikia Deiva Sagayam
12. Mr. M. Selvam
13 Mr. G.Christopher