Students were constantly encouraged of their higher levels of thinking and learning; offered an individualized, systematic, and structured learning experience; motivated self-paced and self-directed learning; increased understanding of course content materials; developed studying and learning strategies; and assisted in improving their grades.

          The performance of our students in the University Examinations is consistently good and satisfactory. The pass percentages of the University Examinations are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Results     :         61.7 %
  • Postgraduate Results       :         62.7 %
  • M.Phil. Results                :         83.6 %

The Overall Pass Percentage is 70.2 %.

2. Academic Excellence by Students

The hard-working and sincere students have always brought us laurels. The number of graduates passing through the portals of the College, records a steady increase. This year, we have two outstanding University Gold Medalists: Edmund Kerketta of M.S.W. and M. Prema of B.Sc. (DPM).

We have a list of students who excelled in Periyar University Final Examinations; they are selected for the award of Academic Excellence on this day:

Under Graduate Students: 

  • M. Prema of B.Sc. DPM with 82.37% stood first,
  • R. Lakshmi Kantharaj of B.Sc. DPM with 78.83% stood second,
  • V. Ravi Prasanth of B.Sc. DPM with 75.19% stood third, and
  • K. Vigneshwaran of B.Sc. DPM with 70.36% stood fourth. 

Post Graduate Students: 

  • Edmund Kerketta of M.S.W. with 85.32% stood first,
  • Robin Kujur of M.S.W. with 84.57% stood second,
  • U. Goperum Dhivya of M.A. English with 72.79% stood third,
  • T. C. Thilagavathi of M.S.W. with 83.83% stood fourth,
  • A. Varghese Loyola of M.S.W. with 82.13% stood fifth, 
  • Amir Toppo of M.S.W. with 81.71% stood eighth, and
  • David Dhan of M.S.W. with 80.88% stood tenth.

M.Phil. Research Scholar

  • K. Victoriya Keren Happuch of M.Phil. Commerce with 89.33% stood fifth.