Academic Council

The Academic Council of the College is headed by Rev. Dr. Edwin George, SDB, Rector and Secretary. In compliance with the decisions of the Board of Management, the Academic Council supports, facilitates and monitors the overall progress of the College toward achieving its goals. The College’s goals are informed by many internal and external sources, such as the College’s mission, vision and values, programme review, College wide planning, the academic activities, or other sources.

The Academic Council aligns the College’s annual goals and priorities with the goals of the Salesian Educative Pastoral Plans (SEPP) through a collaborative, transparent governance process. The Council sets measurable, expected outcomes based upon these annual goals and priorities. The Council is responsible to ensure that the College engages in continuous, broad-based, systematic evaluation and planning based on the College’s goals, annual priorities and outcomes to improve institutional effectiveness and inclusive academic excellence.


The Academic Council is entitled to:

  • Recommend appointing, exchange, delegating and promoting faculty members and staff.

  • Advocate or amend syllabi, in coordination with the departments.

  • Suggest academic programs, textbooks and references of the college.

  • Promote and coordinate scientific research, and work on publishing the research papers.

  • Advise the dates and organize the process of examinations.

  • Suggest the college regulations.

  • Advocate the training and exchange programs needed.

  • Suggest the extracurricular activities plan of the college.

  • Settle matters related to students majors and refer all other matters to the University.

  • Consider and pronounce on all matters referred to it by the University Council or the Rector.

The Academic Council is entitled to form permanent or temporary committees that consists of its members and can include other individuals.


The Academic Council shall meet at least once in a semester.  All such meetings shall be held within the respective College campus.  It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure that the meetings are held regularly and keeps record.


The Academic Council consists of the following members:

  • Members of the Management

  • Officials

  • Heads of the Departments

  • Office Manager

  • Librarian


The term of the members, except the ex-officio member, shall be three years.

S.No. Academic Council Members
1. Secretary / Rector - Rev. Dr. Edwin George, SDB
2. Principal - Rev. Dr. J. Angelo, SDB
3. Vice-Principal  / Campus Minister- Rev. Dr. S. Bharathi Bernadsha, SDB
4. Management Council Members
5. Public Relationship Officer - Dr. R. Venkatesh
6. Exam Cell Co-ordinator - Mr. C. George Arokiaraj
7. Deans - Dr. I. James (Boys) , Mrs. D. Divya Praveena (Girls)
8. Heads of the Departments
9. Physical Director - Mr. M. Xavier Denies
10. Librarian - Mr. S. Arul Arokia Raj
11. Office Manager - J. Albert Raja



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