Alumni Committee

The Alumni Affairs Committee of the College is headed by Rev. Dr. Edwin George, SDB, Secretary and Rector, Rev. Dr. J. Angelo, SDB, Principal, It is composed of Coordinator, Dr. V. Rajeswari, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, all final year Class Mentors and past pupils.


The functions of the Committee are

(a) Establishing contacts with and maintain the records of alumni,

(b) Fostering and keeping alive loyalty to the College and a continuing concern for its welfare,

(c) Raising funds and securing gifts for the College for special or general purposes, and

(d) Communicating with the authorities of the College on matters of mutual interest.

Alumni Affairs Committee meets once a year, generally 26th January of the academic year, in order to develop ways to increase the engagement of the College with its alumni, to evaluate the existing College services for students on an on-going basis, to identify areas of improvement, and to envision appropriate changes in student services.


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