Admission Committee

Aim :

  • To provide educational opportunity to under priviliaged students in & around Dharmapuri and krishnagiri District.
  • To provide educational opportunity to all the members in the society.
  • To instil a sense of confidence and educational qualitites in the minds of the students for their holistic development.
  • To provide opprotunities to rural first generanation learners and help them to graduate and highly employable.
  • To serve the societal needs and produce valuable patriotic citizens of furure India.


Objectives of the committee :

  • Transparent admission process (as per the Govt Guidelines)
  • Admission is enhanced to all the students in the society.
  • To full fill the needs & wants of under privilaged and un educated parents.


Committee Members:

S.No. Name of the Member Member Category (Co-coordinator / Faculty Member / Student Member) Department
1. Rev. Fr. Bharathi Bernadsha Vice Principal (Coordinator) Physics
2. Dr. K. Anand HOD - BBA Business Administration
3. Dr. R. Venkatesh PRO - Faculty Commerce
4. Mr. S. Vadamalai IQAC - Faculty Computer Science
5. Mr. D. Ramkumar HOD - DPM Digital Print Media
6. Mr. K. Edward Member - Faculty Mathematics
7. Mr. C. Vasanthkumar Member - Faculty English


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