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Provide other opportunities to enhance the children’s musical education, such as visits to concerts. To connect families across the generations and connect children with their heritage. To provide opportunities for teachers, parents/guardians and other family members to learn alongside the students. Improve outcomes for the young people in our community and strengthen community links. Provide training in music education for older students and adult volunteers, at the appropriate level, and provide opportunities for them to support and/or lead brass groups. To secure funding to buy instruments, pay professionals, train volunteers, and provide other opportunities. To develop a scalable and sustainable model for the brass groups and youth brass bands to expand and develop beyond the scope of any initial funding.


The Alhambra Band will provide a conduit for the students of Central/West Phoenix to move through high school and into collegiate and professional performing programs, as well as to help them to become high-quality adults that can contribute to society at large.


The Alhambra High school band provides high quality musical instruction to the student of Alhambra High school and be a desirable goal for students in the Alhambra elementary school district.

Objectives and Goals:

  • Students First and Foremost maintaining B's or better in all academic classes.
  • Positive contributions to the greater society of Alhambra.
  • Promoting college spirit and excellence in all areas.


S.No. Name of the member Member Category (Co-coordinator/Faculty Member/Student Member) Department
1. Rev. Dr. Edwin George Co-Ordinator (SECRETARY) Secretary
2. K.Edward President (FACULTY) Maths


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