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Dear young friends of Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri,

Greetings to each and every one of you!

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all indeed. We are concerned that this global health emergency is already having negative impact on economies, on livelihoods and our wellbeing. Without much warning, we are finding ourselves engaged in the common fight against this new challenge.While isolation, social distancing and economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prove to be a challenge, this pandemic makes us extraordinarily aware of how interdependent we all are: what happens somewhere on earth now involves the whole world.The pandemic has shown that no country can proceed independently of others, not only for health reasons, but also for economic reasons. As the WHO said, you too my dear young people, must remember that you are not invincible!

While we are locking ourselves down and self-isolating to defeat the virus, you need to declare your resolve to use the spirit of friendship, solidarity, empathy for others, cooperation, and mutual respect to overcome this challenge together. Staying at home for such a long time, stopping your normal routine and not seeing your friends is not fun. But this is only a temporary measure to take good care of yourself and minimize chances of getting sick at this difficult time.

Here is how you can take care of yourself everyday: Get up early and have a healthy breakfast. Do some fun exercises. Keep your surroundings clean and neat. Read something interesting. Reach out to your friends. Help your friends who feel lonely too. Attend your online classes (if applicable). Complete your daily routine at home on time. Make sure you don’t miss your lunch and dinner! Find something new to do every day. Find ways to express your thoughts and feeling (writing a diary or Personal Blog). Do art and creative work. Try relaxation exercise before you go to sleep. Go to sleep early.

We may try to save ourselves by physically moving further and further away from each other but it is the common vulnerability that will make us more human. This said, we need to remember that though people may need to go into physical isolation, they need not become socially isolated. This is important to maintain good emotional health during this crisis. As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, young people are demonstrating their continued leadership in their communities and countries. According to a new UN plan to address COVID-19, young people are some of the most affected by the pandemic’s socio-economic impacts. Nevertheless, youth are also among the most active in global responses: Not only are they on the frontlines as health workers, but they are also advancing health and safety in their roles as researchers, activists, innovators, and communicators. As such, we here in Don Bosco Dharmapuri, commit ourselves to ensuring that you are part of the solutions for a healthier, safer, and gender-equal world.

Finally let me conclude with the words of Pope Francis who said that once we emerge from this pandemic, we will not be able to keep doing what we were doing, and as we were doing it. No, everything will be different! But, still we seek out a light at the end of the tunnel and work to show, to each other, that we all stand together.The novel coronavirus pandemic can be the moment the world pushes back against fear and isolationism, and turns instead towards hope, solidarity and a shared sense of global community.

Wishing all of you the very best for the new academic year 2020-2021! May Sat. John Bosco bless and guide you all!

With every good blessing,


Yours in Don Bosco,

Rev. Fr.Don Bosco Lourdhusamy,  SDB
Chairman and Provincial,
Salesian Province of Chennai,
The Citadel,
45, landons Road,
Chennai 600 010,
Phone: +91-44-26412124, 26412125, 26612137, 26612138


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