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The Department of English started in the year 2009 with UG course, the faculty count 13 members today. PG course was started in the year 2011. Our students have bagged numerous prizes at intercollegiate competitions in Periyar University. A well-equipped library and internet browsing facilities in the campus are a great boon to their learning resources. The English Department is packed with talent and punch among its staff and students. We organize and conduct the DB MUSE – Intercollegiate Literary Fest for the last four years. The festival provides a golden opportunity for students from many colleges to showcase their histrionic talents and literature competence. The English Literary Association organises very useful programmes and competitions for the students from time to time.Staff members have presented papers at intercollegiate seminars and written articles in English magazines.

The students of English literature beneficially use the department library shelved with very recent books in many fields of English language and literature, and linguistics and its applications. The department has been using new strategies for advanced learning such as instructional strategy, additional assignment of responsibility, providing access to professional learning careers. The curriculum is updated according to the changing environment in industry, business world, and English literature through board of studies by the Periyar University.


To instill, uphold and enhance the English literary skills within the students and give the necessary skills and confidence needed to use English as an effective tool in conveying ones ideas.


The Department also has a few missions up its sleeve, a few of which are:

  • To develop skills required to facilitate the advancement and progress of English literature and the language as a whole.
  • To bring about a generation of eloquent speakers with the confidence to speak in public.
  • To showcase the interesting aspects that are available through the sphere of literature.
  • To promote the flawless speaking ability and error free writing practices especially to the students with vernacular medium background, the members toil hard by undertaking activities like Spelling and dictation test, writing feedback about the teachers, reading newspapers in the class, etc.
  • The aim is to gradually guide the junior members of the academy take over the reins through endeavours like a Creative Corner where students may express their artistic talents.


  • We focus on supplementing the curriculum prescribed by the University by enriching classes on developing proper attitude and mind sets in the learners. The advanced areas of study not covered in the syllabus are taken up and specialized lectures are given on them. Quality maintenance is a key concern. Teachers update themselves with current information and knowledge of their respective subjects through internet, journals and attending seminars, workshops and refresher courses. Teachers and students are encouraged to keep pace with the changing scenario of the information and communication technology (ICT). The students are motivated to take up computer classes along with the regular course.
  • There are good books in our department library. The students are motivated to read more by frequent quiz, book-review, news-review and such other activities.
  • Our students are provided with opportunities in event management. Every year they conduct DB MUSE – a festival of information, communication and entertainment – an inter-collegiate festival organized by the faculty.
  • The Department of English aims at empowering women, making them self-reliant and self-sufficient in handling life situations. We conduct regular classes in which the teacher functions as a guide or a friend trying to inculcate social, moral and cultural values so that they may develop a positive approach to life. Day to day problems are discussed at a personal level and common issues are discussed in groups.
  • Besides the classes, a mentor system is in operation in the department (1:18) to establish a healthy and fruitful relationship between the teachers and students. It serves as a platform for the students and teachers to give their suggestions, clarify the doubts, discuss and sort out their problems both personal and academic. Regular open houses are conducted, which helps the department to have good relationships with parents and acquaint them with the progress of their wards.
  • Most of our students are active members of NSS and other clubs of our College. Some of our students are rendering voluntary service by teaching English language and grammar to the inmates of the neighbouring Government as well as Roman Catholic Middle and Higher Secondary. Schools. They help the students from class V to Plus 2 level with their English teaching.
  • The Department has an Alumni Association functioning very efficiently. Every year, the annual meet of the association is on January 26.
  • Best practices observed among the Department faculty like having departmental get-togethers at the end of the semester, and departmental tours and outings foster better interpersonal relationships.
  • Thus the Department of English strives to promote the holistic development of the student community and ensures that they are well equipped to face the challenges of their lives with confidence.

The Prospero Literary Association

The English literary Association was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. C. M. Varghese, the Principal of the College on August 25, 2010. He delivered a lecture on the topic “Significance of Learning Soft skills” which was very informative. It imparted the students an awareness of the recent trends in learning Communication skills.

The association conducts various competitions such as Poetry writing, Oratorical, Essay Writing, Short Story Writing, Quiz, and Debate as a part of the association activities. The primary aim of these competitions was to test the aptitude and the talents of the students thereby helping them develop their potentialities.

The students of English literature take part in various literary competitions conducted by the various Colleges affiliated to Periyar University and win prizes.Every year the English Literature students enact a famous scene from Shakespeare’s plays,which facilitates the discovery of the hidden talents of the students.Prizes are awarded to the students who participate in various competitions, on this auspicious day.

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