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Those who read are those who lead in society. But the reading habit is poor in our country. Read to Lead is working to change that by providing a connection between teaching communities and learning communities and to create READING awareness. Read to Lead also encourages students of all ages to rediscover the transformative power of reading – engaging in thought, exploring new perspectives, sparking the imagination, and growing the mind.

Literacy begins with learning to read and then branches into reading for knowledge, writing coherently and thinking critically about the printed word. It extends into literacy in the areas of education, finance, nutrition, health, science, politics and other subject areas. Students have to acquire these basic skills in order to participate and lead within their families, their work environments, and their communities. Increased learning through literacy helps boost one’s confidence, develop existing or new skills, or lead to a life changing experience.

S.No. Members
1. Rev. Fr. Edwin George SDB
2. Mr. S. Arul Arokia Raj (Co-ordinator)
3. Mr. K. Selvanathan
4. Mr. S. Michael Bosco Duraisamy
5. Mr. R. Rajakumar
6. Mr. C. Jayakumar
7. Mrs. C. Aruna
8. Mr. X. Lawrence


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