Student Welfare

The Students Welfare Committee of the College is headed by Rev. Dr. J. Angelo, SDB Principal. It is composed of Deans, Dr. I. James, Assistant Professor of Commerce and Mrs. D. Divya Praveena, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, and other ten faculty members and student representatives. The function of this committee is to work for the welfare of students.

The Student Welfare Committee spans every function of the students’ life and administration to become an integral part of their stay on campus. The Committee aids the administration by providing them with the insights of the student and helps them to voice their opinion in matters such as courses designed for the students. The College has helped them by reaching out to the students and also helping the students through addressing their queries and concerns regarding procedures or new policies designed by the administration.

The College Student welfare Committee looks after the welfare of the students with the support of teachers and management. The welfare policy of the college focuses mainly on providing the most suitable academic, social and cultural environment to bring out the best from each individual student.

Some of the welfare measures initiated by the college are:

(a) Counseling and mentorship for individual students and groups,

(b) Orientation programmes for freshers to familiarize themselves with the College practices,

(c) Training in communication skills,

(d) Life skill development programmes,

(e) Placement enhancement training,

(f) Career orientation seminars,

(g) Competency enhancement training for social work students,

(h) Net coaching for PG students,

(i) Remedial classes for slow students,

(j) Provision for indoor and outdoor games,

(k) Financial support for economically deprived students,

(l) Scholarship for 100% deserving students,

(m) Noon-meals for the poor students, and

(n) Provision of counseling and guidance to every student

This Committee meets thrice a year. (i) First meeting is held soon after the commencement of the Academic Year, (ii) The second meeting takes place two months after the first meeting for identifying the needy students with a view to provide them with relevant help and for organizing blood camp to develop community sense among students, and (iii) The third meeting is held in the month of February.

This Committee plans in collaboration with the Coordinators of the NSS, YRC, CCC and various Clubs of the College, different extension activities for the students to be carried out during the academic year.

1. Rev. Dr. S.Bharathi Bernadsha ,SDB, Vice-Principal
2. Dean of Boys - I. James (Co-ordinator)
3. Dean of Girls - D. Divya Praveena
4. S. Regina Mary
5. S. Jothi Sheeba
6. G. Sankar
7. S. Somasekar
8. P. Inbam
9. M. Sevvanthi
10. R. Theivanai
11. Student Representatives


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