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Readers’ Forum of the College is a vibrant body aiming at the academic excellence through inculcating into the students the reading habit. The Forum constitutes students and staff of the College belonging to various disciplines.

The move was originated from the apprehension that the students develop an aversion to reading by the advent of various forms of modern electronic media. The Forum provides the students an ideal platform to discuss any book of their choice. It meets every fortnight for the presentation which invariably leads to lively discussion and debate. A student selects a book of his or her choice from any discipline and presents its content before an audience comprising students and teachers. They air their views and impressions in a perfectly healthy and academic ambience. The book thus selected for presentation will be made available in advance at the College Library for reference. The Forum is really an inspiration for students not only to read books but also to present them and take part in healthy debates.

Apart from book presentations, the Forum has been organizing seminars and issue-based discussions for promotion of reading and communication.


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