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We invite you to visit us at any time - in person or through this site - and explore the life of our campus. Don Bosco College's unique and distinctive educative system lies in its passion to develop the quality of students, not only academically but also underpins a culture beyond academics and a personal support for students, to evolve and blossom into remarkable persons of caliber and stature. It is also committed to provide holistic education through the development of intellectual competence, personal skills, inter-personal skills and societal skills. While we take pride in our traditions, we are never complacent. We keep on searching, renewing and expanding, attempting to be ever relevant to the emerging new trends of our times.

The campus is an ocean of unlimited and peerless opportunities that allows students to delve into the depths and enthuse them to achieve their goals and prepare them to make a difference in the world. Here is an inside look at the world outside. Each day is an episode in the ongoing serial of our college. None of these episodes begin or end in a day. But each of these days redefines the impacting lives, thoughts, emotions and dreams of generations present and future. We create our world. In every glade of this avenue you are going to discover adventure around every corner. Indulge and pamper yourself with the very best. This land of varied talents lies before you to welcome you all.


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